curator: Romuald Demidenko
artists: Brud, Michał Linow, Nomadic State, Noviki, Pakui Hardware, Polen Performance, Princ Polo, Katarzyna Przezwańska, Gregor Różański

One day, Gillis had to transport a couple of chairs and a table by car. To fit them in the boot, he unscrewed the table legs and put them back again on when he reached his destination. That same day, he went back to his office to discuss the possibility of marketing furniture sold in parts. Today, the ubiquitous Swedish corporation he worked for is well known for its wide range of quick-assembly products, and is probably the biggest producer of easily-accessible interior elements that can be put into production and ready for retail very soon after they’ve been designed. Packed in flat cardboard boxes, they can be easily transported and reassembled at home by their owners.

In the dynamism of reality, objects and concepts and their creators and subcontractors began to circulate in a free or enforced way. Just as institutions that open local branches do not need complex and costly infrastructure and staff to run them, so people can work without the need to be tied to a specific project, thanks to automation. Artists can instead sit in cafés, focused on finalizing their projects. The effects of their work can be disassembled and installed in one place, then carried over and presented in another.

Assembled, Disassembled is the title of an exhibition that presents a selection of works referencing actual or possible scenarios in the liberalisation of production, distribution, economics, art and knowledge.