Node13 The Rules

NODE13 The Rules

Interactive instalation

It is impossible to decide which part of this project by Noviki could be regarded as art, design, mediation or a repository of creative work.
The website serves not just as a platform for announcements but also as a part of an survey about artists’ and curators’ dream projects, which was conducted in a plethora of formats – as an exhibition, book, exhibitions about exhibitions, and as this very website.
The entire project is interesting in the context of ‘The Rules’ in several respects. On the one hand, the authors question the rules of distribution of art by revealing the network of relations behind it.
On the other hand, Mark Leckey’s exhibition concept ‘Techgnosis’, which is presented on the website, illustrates the relationship between machinery and mind, and between humans, animals and machines.
This complex and fluctuating meaning is mirrored in the project’s generative appearance.

Node Exhibition

‘The Rules’ exhibition examines the rulesets of machines, humans and social organisations. The central topics are the rules of computers and their transformatory effects on the processes of our society. Software produces new ways of behaviour and new realities. This results in a critical responsibility when we are using digital tools, but also in new opportunities for design.

‘The Rules’ exhibition shows work from selected international artists. The pieces render visible ideas of ‘The Rules’ as design matter. This is either through the creation of their own rules within the realm of the artistic piece, or in critical relation to existing rule systems such as computer networks or conventions of the art world.

The works are arranged around the primary use of the Kunstverein as the NODE academy and knowledge exchange forum. This shortcut between production and product makes the underlying nature of some of the works that use software as a core component transparent to the general public.

The exhibition is an informal collection of work relevant for the ‘The Rules’ theme and to the Zeitgeist of the festival audience. And there’s also an exit through the giftshop: The exhibition is open parallel to artist talks and performances.