Visual identity, video, prints, posters, programs, web design

3 days filled with debates on technology, film, art and changes in the contemporary culture landscape, a VR exhibition and film screenings.

New visual narratives—the slogan that guided the first edition of the conference and around which we are focusing our contemporary thinking again today, refers to entirely different associations and meanings than just a few years ago. The idea of how stories can be told using immersive media and the language of film and visual arts has been subjected to many tests and has had to be revised. Every artistic expression that goes beyond the existing means of expression and questions the limits of the medium is born in a constant process of trial and revision. This process starts again and again. The laboratory we established in 2019 was a testing ground for dozens of artists and producers worldwide. It has also been the site of many discussions, discoveries, surprises and failures, without which no creative process would be complete. However, we were not working in a laboratory environment isolated from our surroundings. Reality is changing in front of our eyes, and both the creative process itself and the themes taken up in the works by artists resonate with it.

We want to capture these moments and discuss them with an international group of artists and theorists interested in the interface between film and digital media.

  • Visual ID and graphic design: Noviki
  • `Social media campaign implemented by Mediocre agency.