Thrilled to Start a new collaborative project in Taipei. New research undertaken by Polish designers from Noviki Post Studio and Polish Graphic Design Foundation, supported by the Polish Office in Taipei, signifies a commendable effort in the exploration of the interdisciplinary intersections of graphic design, technology tools such as AI, contemporary art, and the evolving roles of artists and designers in a dynamically changing world. With academic rigor at its core, this endeavor aims to foster an intellectual dialogue between graphic design and technology, thereby contributing to the discourse in Taipei’s educational institutions and graphic design venues. Furthermore, this project serves as a testament to the internationalization of design and art and plays a crucial role in fostering collaboration between Poland and Taiwan. It is a platform for building stronger ties between these two nations by promoting cultural and artistic exchange.

A series of lectures and presentations distinguish the project that the two Polish designers Marcin Nowicki and Rene Wawrzkiewicz are set to deliver at various universities and graphic design venues throughout Taipei (Taiwan Design Research Institute, Ming Chuan University, Shin Chien University, National Taiwan Normal University among others). 

These lectures encompass an array of topics, ranging from the innovative applications of artificial intelligence in graphic design to the nuanced examination of contemporary design as a reflection of the multifaceted nature of the modern world.

The choice of Taipei as the host location for this project is deliberate, as the city has become a hub for artistic and technological innovation. The research undertaken by these designers seeks to tap into the vibrant energy of Taipei’s creative community and contribute to the global discourse on the transformative potential of graphic design and technology.

The collaboration between Noviki Post Studio, the Polish Graphic Design Foundation, and the support of the Polish Office in Taipei underscores the importance of international cooperation and knowledge exchange in an increasingly interconnected world. This project represents an invaluable opportunity to foster cross-cultural intellectual exchange, cultivate an understanding of the evolving role of artists and designers in a world marked by constant change, and further the academic exploration of the interface between technology and graphic design.