Previously on UN/POLISHED: Over the course
of a sunny weekend in August 2016, a group
of Berlin-based Polish artists took over DOCK11 in an attempt to put the ‘national’ back into international. Modern dance, postmodern dance, Tanztheater, the non-dance from the 1990s and the post-internet dance that looks like your younger sister’s Snapchat — all of them are Polish now. The future looks bright and polished as well.

UN/POLISHED 2 is a five-day crash course
in achieving national greatness when you are on a tight budget. Once again DOCK 11 will be occupied by the Polish dance crowd living in Berlin, this time with a contribution of their colleagues from Warsaw and international friends. Still sticking together in these unpolished times.

This year’s festival takes a closer look at the inter/national identity of dance. Is thinking about today’s contemporary dance context in terms of center and peripheries relevant? If yes — where is the original source of its contemporaneity and is dance from the outskirts just like a fake version of a designer bag?

The program includes crying over the past, moving a mirror, a virtuosic amoeba, and some action with a riding crop, among others.


With: Ania Nowak, Anna Nowicka, Peter Pleyer, Zuzanna Ratajczyk, Paweł Sakowicz, Agata Siniarska/Mădălina Dan
und Marysia Stokłosa

Curator: Mateusz Szymanówka
Project coordinator: Jakub Świetlik
Project assistant: Louise Stölting
PR: Nicole Blacha, k 3 berlin
Presented by the Polish Institute Berlin
(Director: Hanna Radziejowska)
Co-organiser: The Adam Mickiewicz Institute
(Director: Krzysztof Olendzki)
Partners: DOCK11, Art Stations Foundation
Design: noviki.net